Friday, April 30, 2010

THE ANSWER IS JESUS (By Imogene(Jean) Lewis)

(((((((I read the poetry I write at church and I'm thankful
to the Lord for the blessing of writing poetry)))))))
"THE ANSWER IS JESUS" IS THE (first poem/song/IONL) I read
at church on the Sunday before Christmas ~ 2006
~ * ~ * ~
Who gives me a song to sing?
Who gives me everything?
And Who makes me feel like I've got wings?
The Answer Is ~ JESUS.
Who tells the sun when to come up?
Who gives a drink to the buttercup?
And Who keeps me going when I want to give up?
The Answer Is ~ JESUS.
Who tells the little birds how to fly?
Who tells the bumblebee just to try?
And When I'm in trouble, Wo says "Here Am I?"
The Answer is ~ JESUS.
Who makes the wind blow strong and soft?
Who turns the rain on and off?
And Who saved my soul when I was lost?
The Answer is ~ JESUS.
Who tells the 'Fisherman' how to catch ~ 'fish'?
Who says Believe! Not just wish?
And Who knows the one who will thank Him! for the 'fish'?
The Answer Is ~ JESUS.
(copyright) ~ Imogene(Jean) Owita Nabors Lewis
July 4th 1973


  1. adding verse 5 that SOMEHOW I left off of this poem THE ANSWER IS JESUS
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~((((((( VERSE 5 ~ THE ANSWER IS JESUS ~ ))))))) WHO GAVE ME A HUSBAND ~ DEAR ~ AND CHILDREN ~ TO BRIGHTEN MY LIFE DOWN HERE ~ BUT WHO ALONE TAKES AWAY ALL MY FEAR? ~ THE ANSWER IS JESUS!!! )))))))

  2. I am a PROMISE! I am a POSIBILITY! I am a PROMISE WITH A CAPITAL ( P ) ~~~~~~~ i am a bundle of 'potentiality'! ( by the grace of God! ) ionl