Sunday, July 25, 2010

'the still small voice'

I want to write some poetry ~ but Lord ~ somehow, today, I just can't get started.
Will you help me?
YOU! are always 'my choice'
Of course, I will, said a familiar 'still small voice'!. . .
that is so much a part of everything I do! . . .
Ah! ~ He's My Helper! ~ SO kind! ~ SO true!
I hope you know Jesus too!
Many years have come and gone
Many friends have been a long time gone
Many things in life have gone wrong
But the Lord always comes to me with JOY! and a SONG!
Many heartaches along the road
Many trials and heavy loads
Many detours I've had to make
But the Lord always comes to me with MERCY! and GRACE!
Imogene(Jean) Owita Lewis
Thank You Jesus~ For
My Blessings! Today! ~Jean Lewis~aka~Owita~

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