Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"Put Me In Your Pocket"

He handed her the letter with the song
he said he had written and had sent a
copy of it to someone on the Grand
Ole Opre...These were depression
years...1930's...and he was going to a job
out of state...leaving her with 4 children...
Times were hard for her ...and lonely..but
she was a woman of God...and 'trusting Him'
and she made a happy life for us! On one of
my daddy's trips away...he stayed away...and
divorced Mama, and married again...and had 3
more children...we met them when he was older
and came to see us(Mama had died by then but
had told us children that someday he would
come to see us and that she wanted us to be kind...
to him and his family(we were kind to him...and
when he died we went to his funeral(I believe he
made things 'right' with the Lord and is in
Heaven today!~~as my Mama is in Heaven also!)...
FORGIVENESS is so wonderful! Jesus! paid for ALL
the sins of the ones who repent! and Mama, I know,
prayed for all of us to trust the Lord (even for him...
who deserted us...OH WHAT A SAVIOUR!...and
Oh what a sweet Mama~Ruth~Odell~Ed~Imogene(me)
had...We were RICH! ~I am the only one left of
Mama's family to meet her in Heaven~ Odell(12)
Ruth 50~cancer~Ed 43~ heart attack~
But Ed's family and Ruth's family are very dear to me and
my 3 children and their families are very sweet and loving
and kind~Diane~Kathy~ and Stevie and me~sure do miss
Clifford(C W) Lewis~He was always very wonderful to me
and our children(HE WAS THE BEST husband and daddy
and always put us ahead of what he wanted...Marvin would
pass him in church and softly say~"The steps of a good man
are ordered by the Lord."
i am still rich!


  1. The other day I had a 'thought' out of the blue ~"LORD~I'm 'missing' being (in love) with somebody~and LORD~i'M 'MISSING' SOMEBODY BEING (IN LOVE) WITH ME~and LORD~You know my heart this very hour~and you know that I know YOU HAVE ALL POWER!~SO LORD~please send him on along home to me!~(and the LORD said two words~(Trust Me)~~and HE knows my life IS TRUSTING HIM! ~ IONL jULY 23 2012 Monday THE STEPS OF A GOOD MAN ARE ORDERED BY THE LORD `describes how CW was(I really, really, really do miss. miss. miss that sweet husband I had for 54 years and 27 days~we met each other at age 15 and married at age 19~~(C W 's ~Jean) Imogene Owita Nabors Lewis ~ mama was Julia Nabors ~ daddy was Walter Nabors

  2. I'm sorry I've not followed a long and commented in your blog. I have to check in more often. You have some good memories there. I do appreciate all the comments you send my way.

  3. Here it is September 4th and a month has gone by and I just noticed your comment(THANK YOU sweet lady for commenting and for YOUR blog that inspires me BEYOND WORDS!!~ I left out verse 5 of THE ANSWER IS JESUS on this blog so I"LL add it now(I get sooooo aggravated with myself) UGH! oh well verse 5 ((((WHO GAVE ME A HUSBAND DEAR~ AND CHILDREN TO BRIGHTEN MY LIFE DOWN HERE ~ BUT WHO ALONE TAKES AWAY ALL MY FEAR? ~ THE ANSWER IS JESUS))))~Imogene(Jean) Owita Lewis~(God bless you, Ma)