Sunday, February 23, 2014

My Cute Maltese Dog Tobi Doing Dog Tricks Video Maltese Breed Dogs


  1. My son Steve has a Maltese breed little dog that looks like this one and her name is BELLA and we adore her~~she soooo sweet and after Steve's wife died on Dec 30~~2013 they are at my house and BELLA is like a little angel and loving us sweetly and helping us as we are SO MISSING our prescious GINGER (who just had a cold that turned into pneumonia and she loved BELLA too~~Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers`~~She was just 58 and Steve told her goodnight and had told her that he was taking her to the doctor the next morning~~but the Lord had called her to Him in Heaven for she was saved and lived a Christian life~~oh but how we loved her and are heart broken and BELLA is comforting us in her gentle and special ways~~

  2. ((((((( today is the Lord's day~~~a gift from God~~~and we should treasure every moment of the day by living right and loving those around us for tomorrow may not be ours to THANK HIM! AND PRAISE HIM! ))))))) ionl~~2:59AM 2/24/2014