Wednesday, September 21, 2011


where there is no vision, the people perish
where there is no mision, the people stay away

to accomplish anything today, i must see it ~first~ in my mind,
and say the w
ords of faith! ~ "out loud"
and then, the victory is mine!

get up! and go outside! and walk around, for awhile ! with Jesus!
and, the scales will fall off of your eyes! He is still saying
( Who will go and work in my fields today? )
Don't even think 'tomorrow' ?  or  'maybe'?
but say( or sing as i do   daily
'out loud'
softly and on my knees

~~~~~~~Have thine own way, Lord!~~~~~Have thine own way!~~~~~Thou art the Potter~~~~~I am the clay~~~~~Mold me and make me~~~~~ After ~ Thy! Will!~~~~~While I am waiting~~~~~Yielded~~~~~and still!
(hymn from hymnal)

Imogene Owita Lewis


  1. I wanted to thank you for all the nice comments you've left on my blog. I do appreciate them.

    1. THSNK you dear Ma for visiting my blog OH HOW I LOVE YOUR JBEAUTIFUL WORDS OF incpiration, comfort & wusdom STAY WELL & DON'T FALL as I did a few weeks ago, using a walker for a few weeks more, then cane, then WALKING ON MY OWN so say the doctors. Had a hip surgery DOING GREAT now. Jean(Rome GA girl living in Calhoun

  2. I LOVE TO WRITE POETRY AS THE WORDS JUST COME INTO MY HEAD...along with a very, very loving and gentle sweet, sweet 'presence' of the LORD! Thank you! Jesus! for my Blessings! today. February 10~2012~7:54PM~Imogene(Jean) Owita Nabors Lewis~ and I'm thankful for the mother I had ~ Julia )(H)Esther Harris Nabors~~~and I'm thankful my father, who left us before I started to school, came to see us in 1967, and all was better before he died.

  3. I JUST NOW DISCOVERE your comments to me. Ma.... and Elizabeth....Since my husband died 3-18-2003...I visit my 3 children a LOT ... but of course LOVE BEING IN MY OWN HOME MORE AND MORE, JUST behind in checking everything on my laptop...LOVE YOUR WEBSITES!! Blessya ~ Jean(Rome Georgia Girl living in Calhoun)

  4. Hey, thanks for dropping by the Shipslog.
    Love the words here, a great entry. also like the title of your blog. YES HE IS!

    Oh, I thought too, I have a cousin (Ken Herron)who writes a column in the Calhoun Times (?). he sends me most of them. Some of them ain't bad. LOL Thanks again for stopping by the log.

  5. I'M late thanking you Jack for your kind words I LOVE reading from your blog...& what a sweet wife you are blessed with! GOD BLESSYA BOTH and WHAT A UNIQUE way of life you are living HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU BOTH!!! as ROY ROGERS(I THINK) used to say on TV.