Sunday, September 22, 2013

9/23/2013MONDAY/ ((( THE LIST ))))

the list works if you work the list
the diet works if you eat what is on the list
the house gets cleaned if you get up early and BEGIN!
and don't quit until the chores are done and YOU WIN! ~IONL~
if you can't sing like angels and your name is JEAN
((( sing like JEAN ))))
Sing to the LORD! for he will never be 'bored'
And your singing will get better more and more! ~IONL~
105 today
recipe for meatloaf
ground beef
salt / pepper
my mother loved the hymn COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS and so do I ~IONL~
((( just listened to it on radio BBN 89.7 fm I LOVE THIS STATION ))))
the fool is one who does not desire the wisdom of the Bible KJV
and will not adhere to it's wisdom
2:00 AM

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