Thursday, September 26, 2013


I was 16 and 'felt' I should 'go to the altar (and I heard words from the devil (there are 2 more nights of revival~ and I stood there~
didn't go~sang a few more verses ~ felt I should go to the altar again( and I heard words from the devil(Lois and Edward will tell 'your daddy' you got saved~and I stood there~didn't go~ kept singing ~ wanted to go again~ and started down the balcony steps~ and realized I was chewing gum,JUICY FRUIT~and went outside on the church porch` Someone said ARE YOU GOING HOME? and I said no, just throwing away my gum~and I went back inside the church on to the altar(some were just shaking hands for prayer but then left ~I couldn't leave after I shook Preacher Manning's hand, and he smiled and said Imogene, do you want us to pray? I nodded yes and we knelt and prayed~ in a while I felt such gentle loving peace~knew He had 'touched' me and I stood up with most of the young people that Thursday,after10:00pm, 1948~was baptized the following Sunday night~~~THAT'S WHEN MERCY WALKED IN ~~~IONL~~


  1. Thank you Elizabeth ~ Sometimes when we feel so alone 'a little ray of sunshine comes from somewhere . . .Jean(Rome Georgia girl living in Calhoun