Saturday, October 12, 2013

my children are wonderful

tis so sweet to remember the children as little ones~~~they are the joy of my day when they come or call~~~but they do have their own lives and families of their own~~~they were good kids and caused us no trouble~~~and as all grown up children, I am so proud of each one~~~Jeanie Diane~~~Julie Kathy~~~and Steven Cliff~~~MAY GOD FOREVER WATCH OVER YOU AND PROTECT YOU AND I PRAY YOU THREE WILL ALWAYS WATCH OVER ONE ANOTHER AND HELP ONE ANOTHER AS MARY RUTH~~~CECIL ODELL~~~EDWARD FORD~~~ AND ( ME ) IMOGENE OWETA(JEAN) WERE BEST FRIENDS~~~I HOPE YOU 3 BEGIN TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER LIKE WE LOVED ONE ANOTHER~~~AND I BELIEVE THAT WILL HAPPEN~~~BECAUSE GOD IS GOOD! AND HE ANSWERS MY PRAYERS!~~~CW LOVED YOU JUST AS MUCH AS I LOVE YOU AND TOLD EVERYONE HOW HE FELT ABOUT YOU THREE~~~IONL~~~

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