Thursday, November 7, 2013

((((((( i thank you Lord for this day )))))))

(((((((  i thank you Lord for this day~~~beginning the day by kneeling in prayer~~~asking you to be 'with me' every moment of the day and hour~~~seems i didn't get much done but really enjoyed going outside and walking in the sunshine~~~even felt like i could 'run'~~~

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  1. watched Billy Graham~~~his last sermon on DISH TBN ~~~today is his birthday~~~95~~~C W and me and Stevie went to Atlanta to a crusade when Stevie was 9 or 10 11/7/13 Thursday~~~he seemed a little sad~~~maybe the Lord will give him health and strength to bless us again!~~~I have confidence in how he lived his life and that he pleased the Lord and his children are following in his footsteps.~~~ionl